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Replacement Gilt Evaluation and Selection Pocket Guide 08/19/2014References
Swine Health Recommendations: Biosecurity for Organizers of Weigh-in or Tagging Events 03/10/2014References
PEDv - What is it? 03/10/2014References
Recommendations for Organizers of Exhibitions and Sales 02/25/2014References
Recommendations for Swine Exhibitors 02/25/2014References
Swine Employee Handbook 2012 04/25/2013References
Circleview Farms Ham Processing 04/23/2013References
Thermometer Calibration 04/22/2013References
Sausage Processing 04/22/2013References
Bacon Processing 04/22/2013References
Univ. of NE Report Revised 2010: How to Conduct On-Farm Swine Feed Trials 07/02/2012References
Univ. of NE-Lincoln Report: Hand-Mating Pigs on Small and Medium Sized Pork Operations 07/02/2012References
Univ. of NE-Lincoln: Effects of Distillers Grains with Solubles 07/02/2012References
Univ of NE Report 2011: Lysine Requirement for Barrows Fed Ractopamine 07/02/2012References
Univ. of NE Report 2011: Production Through Four Parities of Prolific 07/02/2012References
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