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If pigs eat acorns would it be toxic to them or the people that eat them? If not how much is too much for a pig to eat? 06/04/2010Question/Answer
Would a person, that is allergic to nuts, have an allergic reaction when eating the meat of a pig that was fed acorns? 06/04/2010Question/Answer
Where can I find the Iodine Values for feeds used for pigs? 06/01/2010Question/Answer
PLEASE, can someone tell me how long our meat (pork) should hang at butchers before they cuty asnd wrap has been two weeks since they killed our pigs and still haven't go them cut!!!! HELP!!! 12/21/2009Question/Answer
Backyard pigs: I have a mixture of yogurt, milk, orange juice, ice cream and other dairy products available daily from a local dairy distributor. Could you make suggestions about a good proportion to give them and tell me what else i need to include, they are going to slaughter in a month. i also offer pelleted food and cornmeal mash and apple peelings and some hay, chaff, or grass cilppings for bedding and they eat some of that too. , but the milk is first choice. 11/03/2009Question/Answer
I have access to large quantities of milk from newly freshen cows. This milk is free. I was wondering if I feed this to 40 pound pigs will I need to supplement it with anything else to get these pigs to market weight. 09/25/2009Question/Answer
Do you have any information in regards to the percentage of swine operations that utilize inductions protocols? Also, do you have information on the average gestation length in the U.S. I found somewhere on the site that it's 113 to 114 but I believe that includes operations that use induction. What about operations that don't use induction? 09/25/2009Question/Answer
What is a "derby" pig? 08/25/2009Question/Answer
How many pints of blood are in a market weight hog? 07/30/2009Question/Answer
We are selling show pigs. One of our pigs still have testicles. Does this effect the quality and taste of the pork product? The pig is only 7 months old. 07/06/2009Question/Answer
What is "water belly" and how is it treated? 03/20/2009Question/Answer
Approximately 10% of our sows develop udder edema a week to 10 days prior to farrowing. What could be causing this? 02/24/2009Question/Answer
What causes baby pigs tails to rot/fall off before they are a week old? They are not being stepped on or caught in the mesh floor. It appears to be a blood flow problem. 12/24/2008Question/Answer
why use tekfoil behind curtain if you can put styrofoam insulation blocks between studs next to curtain 11/11/2008Question/Answer
Can EPDs and BV’s be compared across different genetic sources? 11/03/2008Question/Answer
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