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PLEASE, can someone tell me how long our meat (pork) should hang at butchers before they cuty asnd wrap has been two weeks since they killed our pigs and still haven't go them cut!!!! HELP!!!

Question Rephrase:

How long should pork hang at a meat locker before it must be cut and wrapped? It has been two weeks since slaughter and the carcass is not yet butchered.


In response to your question about a hanging pig carcass, while there is tremendous benefit from aging of beef carcasses on the rail, there is very little evidence of the same kind of proteolytic action taking place in hanging pig carcasses. This proteolysis tenderizes beef carcasses.  Your question more had to do with deleterious impacts of hanging the carcass for that long rather than looking for benefits. There will be no negative impact from hanging that pig carcass for two weeks, and if anything, a slight improvement. Contact the locker and encourage getting that carcass cut up up soon, and to get the parts either processed or frozen so the shelf life is not compromised.


David Meisinger