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Swine Health Recommendations: Biosecurity for Organizers of Weigh-in or Tagging Events 03/10/2014References
PEDv - What is it? 03/10/2014References
Recommendations for Organizers of Exhibitions and Sales 02/25/2014References
Recommendations for Swine Exhibitors 02/25/2014References
What Goes in the Showbox 04/17/2012PIG How-To's
Preparing for a "Water Only" Show 04/17/2012PIG How-To's
Biosecurity for Youth 04/17/2012PIG How-To's
For the average 4-H Market Swine Project, what percent of the dressed carcass weight will be edible cuts of meat? 07/03/2008Question/Answer
A Champion’s Guide to Youth Swine Exhibition: Biosecurity and Your Pig Project 01/29/2008References
Effectiveness of Pork Quality Assurance Training for Youth 10/03/2006References
I have seen pigs fight with each other in the show ring. How does this stress, and stress from any improper handling at shows, impact the meat quality for someone who buys a show pig for meat? 09/26/2006Question/Answer
The Iowa State Fair 4-H Swine Derby Contest Provides Unique Educational Experience for Youth 09/26/2006References
Showing Swine 07/19/2006References
Danish Standards for Market Hogs 07/19/2006References
Swine Exhibitor's Project Guide (5 - 6 Years of Age) 07/19/2006References
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