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Alternative Curing 07/08/2014Factsheets
The Influence of Paylean (Ractopamine Hydrochloride) on Pork Quality 05/15/2013Factsheets
The Effect of Corn Distillers Dried Grains With Solubles (DDGS) on Carcass Quality, Color Stability, and Sensory Characteristics of Pork 07/02/2012References
Consumer Attitudes Towards Color and Marbling of Fresh Pork 05/15/2012Factsheets
Pork Quality: pH Decline and Pork Quality 04/06/2012Factsheets
If pigs eat acorns would it be toxic to them or the people that eat them? If not how much is too much for a pig to eat? 06/04/2010Question/Answer
Consumer Attitudes: What They Say and What They Do 04/09/2010Factsheets
PLEASE, can someone tell me how long our meat (pork) should hang at butchers before they cuty asnd wrap has been two weeks since they killed our pigs and still haven't go them cut!!!! HELP!!! 12/21/2009Question/Answer
System for Assuring Pork Quality 11/16/2009References
How many pints of blood are in a market weight hog? 07/30/2009Question/Answer
We are selling show pigs. One of our pigs still have testicles. Does this effect the quality and taste of the pork product? The pig is only 7 months old. 07/06/2009Question/Answer
2008 Univ of NE Swine Report- Effects of Organic Acid Salts on the Quality 06/16/2009References
ARS Research- Research Project: Selection at a single locus leads to widespread expansion of Toxoplasma gondii lineages that are virulent in mice. 06/10/2009References
ARS research- New and Efficient Processes for Making Quality Leather 06/10/2009References
I am interested in info regarding getting omega-fatty acid in pork. I have natural range raised hogs in California. 07/02/2008Question/Answer
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