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Marketing Pigs 11/12/2014Factsheets
Evaluating the Contract Finishing Opportunity - Part 1: Is Contract Swine Production Good for You? 12/14/2012Factsheets
Evaluating the Contract Finishing Opportunity - Part 2: Key Factors in Evaluating a Production Agreement 12/14/2012Factsheets
How to Establish a Futures Account 04/17/2012PIG How-To's
Structure of U.S. Pork Industry 04/04/2012Factsheets
What is the average age (in days) when a hog is slaughtered? Thanks 02/08/2008Question/Answer
What is the age of a market hog at slaughter? 07/12/2007Question/Answer
Legal Aspects of Swine Production Networking 02/15/2007References
The Iowa and Danish Pork Industries: A Comparison 09/27/2006References
Effect of Removing Market Ready Pigs on Performance of Their Pen Mates 09/26/2006References
The Pork Niche Market Phenomenon 09/26/2006References
Development of a Curvilinear Economic Function for Carcass Leanness 09/18/2006References
Beyond Today’s Technology: Keys to Global Competitiveness 09/18/2006References
Using Historical Basis Information for Hedging Indiana Hogs 09/18/2006References
Spray Dried Eggs as an Ingredient in Diets for SEW Pigs 09/18/2006References
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